Producers must keep records of the legal name and date of birth of each model, any other name ever used by the performer, a copy of photo identification issued by a government entity, a copy of the depiction, the date of original production, and the URL associated with the depiction if it is published online. Revised Regulations for Records Relating to Visual Depictions of Sexually Explicit Conduct; Inspection of Records Relating to Depiction of Simulated Sexually Explicit Performance, 73 Fed. Reg. 77,470 (Dec. 18, 2008) (codified at 28 C.F.R. pt. 75). The records must be indexed by name and cross-referenced to other names used and title or identify number of the book, magazine, film, videotape, digitally- or computer-manipulated image, digital image, picture, URL, or other matter. Id. at 77,470. Read more